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Our History

1986 - Incorporated in Australia
1987 - Floated on stockmarket
1990 - Acquired shareholding stakes in Craig & Rose and Clyde Blowers (Scotland), Towles and McLaughlin & Harvey (England).
1994 - Acquired control of Towles Plc - put in new management.
1997 - Wound down Towles unsatisfactory involvement. Changed focus 100% to Australia.
2003 - Acquired 20% of Prudential Investment Co, Australia’s largest strata manager. Sold out for significant gain.
2004 - Acquired 8%, increasing to 16% of CCI Holdings Limited. Took board participation.
2006 - CCI Holdings reports record results. London City acquires its first shares in Fiducian Group
2007 - CCI Holdings acquired by leading French group. Significant profit to London City. Record net assets and dividend.
2008 - Retains high levels of cash on deposit during GFC. Acquires 9% of Penrice Soda Holdings Limited by supporting placement and DRP issue.
2009 - 2011 Concerns raised by London City about Penrice viability and reporting accuracy leading to initial legal action that confirmed the worries. Penrice recorded major loss in 2011. At the same time shareholding in Fiducian Group Limited rose to 3%. Puchased holding in Tranzact Financial Services and increasedto 3%.
2012 - 2014 Penrice struggles, placed into administration and then into liquidation in July 2014. London City continues its Penrice legal action. Shareholding in both Fiducian and Tranzact increased to "Substantial" shareholding levels. Tranzact key holding sold via a takeover. IMB Bank shareholding accepted "Buy-back".
2015 - 2020 Fiducian Group produces excellent profit results and shareholding ownership grows to 7% of that company. 2% shareholding in Coffey International built up and exited via a takeover. Legal action regarding Penrice collapse has London City taking firm action in the Supreme Court of NSW against Penrice auditors Ernst & Young.
2021 - Both key euity holdings increased profits while continubg to retain funds for growth. London City, Imperial Pacific and others reach confidential settlement with Ernst & Young , former auditors of collapsed Penrice Soda. Right issue completed. Successful rights issue completed.
2022 - Portfolio values reach record heights due to excellent performances by 7% owned Fiducian Group and 11% group owned Ecelsior Capital. Fuly franked dividend increased.
2023 - Group shareholding in Excelsior Capital reaches 12% with Lindon City portion at 8%. Portfolio valus slip in liine with market falls. Both Fiducian and Excelsior produce good results and increased their dividends. This ws London City's first year witthout lgal litigation expenditures.

Our Focus

London City is a long term strategic holding company that invests in entities that have significant market shares and offer inherent growth.
London City is risk averse and supports quality management in its holdings.
London City seeks some control over its destiny and is prepared to be assertive when required.
London City is a selective company-centric investor – not a broad market follower.

Our Directors

Peter E.J. Murray - Director.
Special Responsibility: Chief Operating Officer
Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Arts, Affilitae Member SIAA.
For over 30 years Mr Murray has been a senior executive in merchant banking and stockbroking at Director level. Experienced in corporate financial advice, mergers, fund raisings and general management. Chairman of Imperial Pacific Limited since 1980. Chairman and Director of Camelot Resources NL until July 1996 Chairman of CCI Holdings between 2004 and 2007.

David Butel - Non Executive Director.
Special Responsibility: Chairman, Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee
Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Business Std, Diploma of Education.
Mr Butel has had over 30 years of active executive involvement at senior levels in the Australian resources and services sector. In recent years his participation has been through ACIRL, CCI Holdings Limited and the international Bureau Veritas organisation as Senior Vice President Commodities – Pacific Zone. Director of Imperial Pacific.

Loius Joseph - Non Executive Director.
Special Responsibility: Chair of Remuneration Committee
Bachelor of Commerce, Company Secretary.
Mr Joseph has been involved directly in businesses in both the commercial sector and in the securities industry. His experience has been developed within Australia and in overseas locations, including Asia. His expertise includes small business management, financial markets and securities analysis..