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London City Equities Limited is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company.
Listed in 1987 London City celebrates over 35 years as a public company.
Originally established to invest in United Kingdom companies, London City has focused its investment activities in Australian equities since 1997.
London City’s philosophy is to research and invest in carefully selected companies which meet the perceived characteristics of US giants such as Warren Buffett.
Investment Strategy
Know the business, confirm its strength, check its management and invest wisely
for the long term.
Annual Reports
2023 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

London City Equities Limited

Suite 212, Level 2
111 Harrington Street
Tel: 02 9247 9315

London City Logo
The emblem of London City Equities Limited represents the London Plane Tree. This plant, initially recorded in 1670, has become a long term survivor of the English seasons and population growth. Its resilience comes from its hardwood strength and its ability to shed bark, thereby renewing and protecting itself from risk of disease. Its shiny leaves are easily washed and reinvigorated by the rain. There are many examples still growing vigorously in London squares that are estimated to be over 200 years old.
Our Vision
Business Focus
Investment Strategy
We seek to build shareholder wealth by careful, conservative, strategic investing in companies which hold strong industry positions and are managed by quality people.
London City Equities is a long term strategic holding company in equities that have a unique business market share and offer inherent growth.
London City welcomes investment ideas that meet its criteria
London City researches and invests long term in strategic shareholdings in companies which can be understood, hold strong industry positions, have quality management and represent value. London City aspires to hold strategic shareholdings and work in with boards and management to enhance values.